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Business Owners Policies (BOP): A BOP policy covers for general liability and property damage. As a business owner, it is important to cover for any trips and falls but also the equipment and property inside the building. A landlord may only require general liability coverage at $500,000 or more but a carrier can offer additional coverage for property in the same policy.

Commercial Auto: Individuals and employees of a company who drive a vehiclecan benefit from this policy. A business should have a comercial auto policy for the commercial employee drivers, business purposes who have work related motives and/or property inside the vehicle. If an accident occurs, a personal lines auto policy will not cover claims for business activies. 

Liquor Liability: This policy covers the insured for any bodily injury or property damage related from an intoxicated person who was served alcohol on the premises. It is common for bars, restaurants and clubs to own a liquor license and liquor liability policy.

Condo Associations; Apartment Buildings; Commercial Property Management Companies; Fraternities: Elks, Masons, Shriners


Personal Lines

Auto Insurance: In the state of Florida, it is required to have the state miniums of personal injury protection and property damage (PIP/PD). Auto accidents are unpredictable so it is recommended to be "fully insured" so the policy protects you, the vehicles and other property. Auto insurance carriers are competitive and offer many incentives such as a good student, no accidents, multi-policy, snap-shot program, and good driver discounts. 

  compact car, truck, classic cars, motorcycles, travel trailers, recreational veheicles

Boat Insurance: One of the top recreational activites in Florida is boating. Boat insurance policies can cover incidents on and off the water. It is important to carrier boat insurance for the specfied boat and it's activity. The policy can be endorsed to include towing coverages.

Flood Insurance: AE and coastal flood zones are at a high risk of floods. FEMA has a flood map zone according to the location of a property, a designated zone is created. A flood policy is separate from a home owners policy, but now it is common to see a carrier provide both options. If a property is built during 1973 or newer, an elevation certificarte is required. There is a common misconseption that the flood elevation certificate will increase the premium; this is false. If the property is above the "base flood elevation" then the premium price may reduce, but the carrier will offer the best premium price even when the property is below the "base flood elevation."

Home Owner Insurance: Whether you are a new home buyer, refinancing, or researching for a better premium price, the home owners insurance policy will help the insured during a loss. The policy can cover the dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability, medical payments, from all other perils. Home owners can also include protection from hurricane and wind damage. Home insurance policies do not include flood insurance protection.

Renters Insurance: This policy is affordable for any insured living in a property that they do not own. The insureds personal property is protected from theft, hurricane damage, wind damage, fires and other covered perils. It may also be required by the landlord to have a renters insurance policy.

Personal Umbrella: This policy covers the insured at additional limits above the base policies. For example, it is recommended to obtain this coverage for individuals whom own multiple properties and cars who want more coverage; coverage can extend to $500,000 to $5 million.

Personal Articles Floater Policy: Coverage for scheduled property such as jewlery, collectible art, stamps and more are examples under a PFA policy. This coverage can protect property world wide if lost or stolen. 

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