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Hurricane Preparedness



    NFIP UPDATE 2018

Understand the Concerns 

3 months remain for the Atlantic Hurricane season (June 1 to November 30) but do not underestimate the potential damage of the most powerful storm on Earth!

Hurricane effects can vary based on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Hurricane forces range from a category one to category five; and a category 3 or winds over 111 mph are considered  a major hurricane ie. Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina are simple reminders of how serious hurricanes can change a community.

Hurricanes are unpredictable, can vary in wind strength, size, central barometric pressure, storm surge, flooding potential and destructive capacity. 
Need to review your policy? Call us BEFORE a hurricane watch. *Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions are possible but not imminent. Many carriers close the opportunity to write new business and change any coverages or deductibles.
*Hurricane Warning means that hurricane conditions are expected within 24-36 hrs.
  1.   Give us a call to verify your current coverage.
  2.   We will get in touch with any party that has an insurable interest.
  3.   End the day knowing more about your policy!

Before, A Proactive Approach

When you create a plan for your family and business, a check list will help lower your stress and allow you to focus on any preparations that need immediate attention.
  • Arrange for cleanup, repair and restoration services.
  • Establish hurricane preparedness and response plan for your location.
  • Photograph exterior and interior property; e-mail copies to yourself.
  • Acquire an official identification badge to access to your home/facility.
  • Plan tasks such as a board up plan or how to secure exterior equipment.
  • Inspect the roof, tree limbs, gutters.
  • Know where and how to shut off the utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  • Create a personal disaster kit (food, water - one gallon per person per day, sand bags, first aid kit, cooler, flashlights with fresh batteries).
  • Create a plan on how to protect furniture, remove photos from walls, and what man power is necessary to complete this task.
  • Pets have all update shots
  • Research shelters; *hotel, friend/family home, *shelters *Pet Friendly
During Hurricane Watch
  • Monitor TV and radio broadcast
  • Check your emergency supplies
  • Relocate any potential hazards
  • Obtain fuel NOW for vehicles
  • Backup important documents
  • Have Cash on hand
  • Buy water supplies
  • Know your evacuation zone
During Hurricane Warning
  • Continue to monitor TV & Radio
  • Expect Landfall within 24 hours
  • Move furniture, wires, & equipment to higher ground
  • Board up windows with shutters
  • Turn off utility (gas,water,electric)
  • Find safe place for vehicle/boats
  • Shelter in interior rooms, lower floors and avoid glass windows
  • Periodically check for damage

After a Hurricane

  • Local law enforcement personal my limit access to your neighborhood.
  • Check your home.
  • Secure your property from looting.
  • Beware of damaged roads, debris, and flooding.
  • Identify any major hazards
For more information, download 
Hurricane Preparedness Guide
Flood Insurance
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