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Hello! From Our Team At Eagle Insurance

Let's talk about how doctors and insurers can work together to make sure you live a long and prosperous life.

If there were ways to determine what future illnesses may lie ahead, would you participate in understanding these predictions?

Keep reading to learn more about the latest study at UCLA.....

Scientists at UCLA have determined that medical insurance company records can be used to make accurate predictions about future health conditions in their members.

These predictions lead to better outcomes by enabling proactive treatments for future illness, rather than falling back on reactive treatments for each new health crisis, according to the researchers.

In recent years, “big data” analysis has been used to identify faces in photos, predict shopping tendencies, and recognize driving habits.

The UCLA study published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics illustrates that while predictive technology has made far less progress in improving medical outcomes, scientists can predict which patients are likely to be hospitalized or require specialized medicine.

The highest-risk patients can then be brought in, proactively, for specialized preventative treatment

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“This is a good example of how insurance companies, clinicians and researchers’ interests can come together to improve patient care and save money,”stated Dr. Jamie Feusner, a professor in residence in UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry.

“Predictive medicine like this has the potential to improve medical outcomes,” noted Dr. David Eagleman, a Stanford University neuroscientist and author who heads the Center for Science and Law.

“Additionally, it could reduce healthcare costs and help overworked physicians. It’s a no-brainer.

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